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SP 461 LF

The successor to the thinning king SP 451 LF is now on the throne – meet the new king - SP 461 LF.

The SP 451 LF has been the undisputed king of thinning jobs since 2001. Now we are proud to introduce its successor, the SP 461 LF. The SP 461 LF offers a variety of important improvements and updates increasing both its productivity and performance as well as its reliability and serviceability:

  • Updated hydraulic valve bank with new layout for an increase in reliability and for a more energy efficient performance. Some functions offer higher speeds.
  • New more efficient 20 cc saw motor
  • New length measuring unit with more robust design and improved hydraulic funcionality
  • Expander pins and improved pin assembly on exposed positions
  • New reinforced saw box for better handling root-flails. 20 mm increased height of saw box for minimizing of snow packing.
  • Reinforced frame for higher durability. New frame design with higher precision for a perfect fit
  • Improved hose routing with Metric or ORFS hydraulic fittings
  • Possibility to adapt harvester head for use with all control and measuring systems on the market

Improved options SP 461 LF

  • Multi tree equipment – more robust, faster and protected for increased performance and reliability.
  • Color marking – new pump and optimized placement of color tanks for increased reliability
  • Sawbox ICE -new saw box option for easier felling in snowy areas

Contorta knife – wave shaped delimbing knife for increased delimbing quality for harvesting of contorta pine


SP 761 LF - compact and heavy duty all-rounder

SP 761 LF prototype was presented for the first time on the Elmia Wood exhibiton in June 2013 and was very well received from customers and dealers around the world. Since the Elmia Wood. the SP 761 LF have been successfully tested during the fall and winter of 2013/2014 with very good results. It will be showcased on a number of exhibitions during 2014 such as the Interforst in Germany in July followed by the Lake States Logging Congress in USA in September.

The SP 761 LF is a new compact and heavy duty harvester head designed for being able to handle a variety of different demanding harvesting applications. The SP 761 LF reaches top productivity in tree sizes ranging from 25 to 50 cm (10-20”). With a weight of 1680 kg it is a perfect choice for installation on both large wheel based carriers, 20-25 ton excavators as well as mid size to large purpose built tracked harvesters.

It is designed according to the LF principle for minimum friction during the feeding, resulting in maximum productivity as well as lowest possible energy consumption on the carrier. Topping saw and specially designed processor knives are available as an option for increased performance and productivity when processing decked wood out of a pile.

Other important features on the SP 761 LF is the extremely good routing and protection of hoses, the use of special expander pins for longest possible life and low maintenance as well as the computer controlled proportional pressures on knives and feed rollers with different settings available for different species for maximum performance and productivity.





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