Felling Attachments

TCI's line of patented saws and shears are the industry's most productive. Felling heads that can cut and carry a great number of trees will improve the productivity of the entire harvesting system. Why?

Because a feller buncher pays when it is cutting trees. It does not pay when it is driving or swinging to the skidder drag. It does not pay when it is dumping trees or driving to the next tree.

A good bunching head holds the trees in tight, parallel alignment. This boosts skidder productivity because the skidder only pays when it is pulling wood to the deck. It does not pay when it is maneuvering around trying to gather a bunch and it does not pay in full unless it is pulling the largest payload that it is capable of.

High capacity TCI saws and shears ensure that the bunchers are optimized for the skidder.

Larger, tighter bunches also reduce wear and tear on the drive components of the buncher and skidder.

Felling Attachments - Machines
Felling Attachments - Machines